How To Make Honeycomb Candy

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How To Make Honeycomb Candy

how to make honeycomb candy

how to make honeycomb candy – Mars Maltesers

Mars Maltesers 37g x 5 Pack
Mars Maltesers 37g x 5 Pack
Maltesers are delicious crunchy malt flavored chocolate balls. They have a light crunchy texture and Maltesers will fill your chocolate cravings without all the calories! Maltesers are one of UK’s top 5 selling sweet products and a best seller here at The British Food Depot. Maltesers have been extremely popular since they were first introduced in 1936 and are still made in Slough England.
The name Maltesers actually comes from a combination of the words ‘malt’ and ‘teasers’. They are quite delicate because of their honeycomb centers. You can eat Maltesers any way you want – munch them or let them slowly melt in your mouth. Many crazy people even bite off the chocolate layer and munch the inner honeycomb ball!
The chocolate covering on Maltesers tastes very sweet and is quite enjoyable but the honeycomb center is the best and the most unique part of the Maltesers experience. Take a bite of the inner center and it tastes very sweet. But a few moments later the sweetness is replaced by a creamy and malty aftertaste. The inner center has a bubbly appearance and is deliciously crunchy.
Maltesers are available in a variety of pack sizes. Order a case of Maltesers today to save a bundle!


1. I don’t usually like chocolate
2. These are the only chocolate bars I do like, and are not found in the US.
3. I did, happen, to find this, at the very average, but much needed British "chipshop" here in Brooklyn.
4. It lasted less than 24 hours. Including sleep time.
5. The taste transported me back to Australia; to home; to fighting with family members over who was getting the last one in the selection box.
6. I always won.
7. I’ve had a crapola few weeks, since coming back from Aus. How a chocolate bar can make things feel ok for just a few seconds is simply one of Gods marvels.

ps. I’m going back for more, when they have new stock come in.


Fresh, raw, wild honeycomb from the hives in our pasture. Our beekeeper says this sells for about $40/pound; the comb he gave us was 4-5 pounds. The most amazing honey I have ever tasted in my life.

how to make honeycomb candy

Arnott's Tim Tam Original
Tim Tam is Australia’s favorite chocolate biscuit. Around 35 million packs are sold each year – that’s nearly 400 million biscuits. There are seven delicious varieties of Tim Tam biscuits: Original, Tim Tam Chewy Caramel, Tim Tam Double Coat, Tim Tam Dark, Tim Tam Black Forest Fantasy, Tim Tam Creamy Truffle Temptation and Tim Tam Latte. Tim Tam biscuits first hit supermarket shelves in 1964. The chocolate used to make Tim Tam biscuits have been specially developed by Arnott’s to give a slightly caramel taste. The cream flavor is a delicate mixture of vanilla, butter and chocolate that complements the biscuit base and the chocolate. It’s this unique cream which sets Tim Tam apart from any other chocolate biscuit.